Rug Repair & Restoration

Rugs have been around for many years and you can find one in almost every household. While rugs are made to be durable, they cannot last for decades without some type of care along the way. Whether you hang your rug up on your wall or you use it to decorate your home’s floors, know that our team is here to help when your rug fades, rips, or is in need of any other type of repair.

The experts at Rug Cleaning Englewood will breathe life back into your rug in an instant. We are passionate about rugs and take the time to craft them back into one piece when they rip or become tattered. If you would like to schedule rug repairs or you would like to receive a free quote for service, call us today at 201-298-4827.

We Repair Rugs in Englewood

Rugs can sustain damage over the years and sometimes, the damage will occur without you even knowing at the time. Once your rug has been damaged, you may think that it is a lost cause, or it has lost its value. This is not true, and your rug can be repaired.

Our team is able to repair your rug for you and some of the most common types of damage we handle include:

Rips and holes
Water damage
Curling of the corners
Spots and stains
Fuzzing and shredding
Fraying of the edges

We Offer Rug Restorations – Englewood

We have a team of on-site rug restoration experts here at Rug Cleaning Englewood. Each one of them is trained to recognize any flaws in your rug and then offer you a solution for them. Your rug will sustain damage over the years and it is important that it is restored and repaired properly to preserve it.

Some of the restoration services we offer include:

Fringe work, replacement, cleaning, and detailing
Faded color restoration
Tear and hole repairs
Hem stitching
Damage from moths and insects
And more

Call Today for Rug Repairs and Restorations in Englewood

Your rug will likely experience some type of damage over the years and when it does, the experts at Rug Cleaning Englewood are here to help. We can make any repairs and restoration you need both affordably and quickly. If you would like to schedule an appointment with us, call our office today at 201-298-4827.